Board and Officers

OSGeo charter members elect a 9 member board of directors who appoint officers and work together set the vision and goals for the foundation. The board empowers a set of committees and volunteers to execute on these goals.

Board of Directors

Each committee / project is represented by an officer to speak for the community behind that project.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the charter members of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.


  • President: María Arias de Reyna
  • Vice-President: Helena Mitasova
  • Vice-President: Angelos Tzotsos
  • Vice-President: Jeff McKenna
  • Treasurer: Michael Smith
  • Secretary: Astrid Emde
  • VP, Conference Committee: Frank Warmerdam
  • VP, Finance Committee: Daniel Morissette
  • VP, GeoforAll Committee: Helena Mitasova and Suchith Anand
  • VP, Incubation Committee: Jody Garnett
  • VP, Marketing Committee: Marc Vloemans
  • VP, Public Geospatial Data Project: David Bitner
  • VP, System Administration Committee: Alex Mandel
  • VP, Website Committee: Ian Edwards
  • VP, UN Committee: Maria Brovelli and Masimiliano Canatta
  • VP, deegree: Markus Schneider
  • VP, FDO: Greg Boone
  • VP, GDAL/OGR: Even Rouault
  • VP, GEOS: Sandro Santilli
  • VP, geomajas: Pieter De Graef
  • VP, GeoMoose: Bob Basque
  • VP, GeoNetwork: Jeroen Ticheler
  • VP, GeoNode: Jeffrey Johnson
  • VP, GeoServer: Simone Giannecchini
  • VP, GeoTools Jody Garnett
  • VP, GRASS GIS: Markus Neteler
  • VP, Mapbender: Axel Schaefer
  • VP, MapFish: Eric Lemoine
  • VP, MapGuide Open Source: Robert Bray
  • VP, MapServer: Steve Lime
  • VP, Marble: Torsten Rahn
  • VP, OpenLayers: Bart van den Eijnden
  • VP, OSSIM: Mark Lucas
  • VP, PostGIS: Paul Ramsey
  • VP, QGIS: Tim Sutton
  • VP, pycsw: Angelos Tzotsos

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