Board and Officers

OSGeo charter members elect a 9 member board of directors who appoint officers and work together set the vision and goals for the foundation. The board empowers a set of committees and volunteers to execute on these goals.

Board of Directors

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Each committee / project is represented by an officer to speak for the community behind that project.

  • President: María Arias de Reyna
  • Vice-President: Helena Mitasova
  • Vice-President: Angelos Tzotsos
  • Vice-President: Jeff McKenna
  • Treasurer: Michael Smith
  • Secretary: Astrid Emde
  • VP, Conference Committee: Frank Warmerdam
  • VP, Finance Committee: Daniel Morissette
  • VP, GeoforAll Committee: Helena Mitasova and Suchith Anand
  • VP, Incubation Committee: Jody Garnett
  • VP, Marketing Committee: vacant
  • VP, Public Geospatial Data Project: David Bitner
  • VP, System Administration Committee: Alex Mandel
  • VP, Website Committee: Ian Edwards
  • VP, UN Committee: Maria Brovelli and Masimiliano Canatta
  • VP, deegree: Markus Schneider
  • VP, FDO: Greg Boone
  • VP, GDAL/OGR: Even Rouault
  • VP, GEOS: Sandro Santilli
  • VP, geomajas: Pieter De Graef
  • VP, GeoMoose: Bob Basque
  • VP, GeoNetwork: Jeroen Ticheler
  • VP, GeoNode: Jeffrey Johnson
  • VP, GeoServer: Simone Giannecchini
  • VP, GeoTools: Jody Garnett
  • VP, GRASS GIS: Markus Neteler
  • VP, Mapbender: Axel Schaefer
  • VP, MapFish: Eric Lemoine
  • VP, MapGuide Open Source: Robert Bray
  • VP, MapServer: Steve Lime
  • VP, Marble: Torsten Rahn
  • VP, OpenLayers: Bart van den Eijnden
  • VP, OSGeoLive: Angelos Tzotsos
  • VP, OSSIM: Mark Lucas
  • VP, PostGIS: Paul Ramsey
  • VP, QGIS: Tim Sutton
  • VP, pycsw: Angelos Tzotsos

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