Board and Officers

OSGeo charter members elect a 9 member board of directors who appoint officers and work together set the vision and goals for the foundation. The board empowers a set of committees and volunteers to execute on these goals.

Board of Directors


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Each committee / project is represented by an officer to speak for the community behind that project.

OSGeo Projects Officers

OSGeo Community Projects Representatives

  • VP, actinia:
  • VP, FDO:
  • VP, GC2/Vidi:
  • VP, GeoExt:
  • VP, GeoHealthCheck:
  • VP, Geomajas:
  • VP, GeoServer Client PHP:
  • VP, GeoStyler:
  • VP, GeoWebCache:
  • VP, istSOS:
  • VP, Loader:
  • VP, mapfish:
  • VP, MapGuide Open Source:
  • VP, Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL):
  • VP, MobilityDB:
  • VP, Open Data Cube:
  • VP, Opticks:
  • VP, OSGeo4W:
  • VP, OSSIM:
  • VP, OWSLib:
  • VP, pgRouting: Vicky Vergara
  • VP, Portable GIS:
  • VP, Pronto Raster:
  • VP, rasdaman:
  • VP, TEAM Engine:
  • VP, ZOO-Project:

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