FOSS4G 2014: Program details, Keynote speakers, Call for maps, FOSS4G turns ten, and Birds of a feather

== Program details, Keynote speakers, Call for maps, FOSS4G turns ten, and Birds of a feather ==

July 22, 2014
Portland, Oregon, USA

Excitement builds as FOSS4G 2014 approaches! Join us in Portland, Oregon this September 8th – 13th. Half a dozen workshops have already filled up — [ register now] to secure your seat in pre-conference workshops and your place at the conference.

=== Call for maps ===

We invite contributions to the FOSS4G Map Gallery to build an exciting and vibrant exhibit of the very best in mapping. This map gallery will not only demonstrate the work of delegates but also act as a reference point for the current state of mapping. We encourage all delegates to share one example of their work and help us create a cartographic record of the FOSS4G 2014 conference. Read the full [ call for maps] and [ enter your map].

=== Workshops and general sessions program ===

This year FOSS4G features [ more than 40 workshops], providing excellent training opportunities on relevant, leading technologies — and that’s all before the conference even begins. With [ eight tracks] of sessions, plus invited talks and a great selection of Keynote Speakers, it will be a FOSS4G packed week to remember.

=== Keynote biographies ===

See exciting keynotes by Mike Bostock of D3.js fame and the New York Times, Sarah Novotny of NGINX and a program chair for O’Reilly Media’s OSCON, and Al Shaw whose work at ProPublica has been honored with several awards.

=== FOSS4G turns ten! ===

2014 marks a decade of FOSS4G! The tenth anniversary is a great time to organize birds of a feather (BOFs) to reflect back and look forward. BOFs can be organized in advance on the wiki or on the spot during the event. Having a bird (Her name is [ Helen]) as a logo is a good reason to organize a BOF too!


=== About FOSS4G ===

The annual FOSS4G conference is the largest global gathering focused on open source geospatial software. FOSS4G brings together developers, users, decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation. Through six days of workshops, presentations, discussions, and cooperation, FOSS4G participants create effective and relevant geospatial products, standards, and protocols.

FOSS4G has been held all over the world and draws attendees from over 40 countries. Nottingham, England hosted the conference in 2013. In 2014, Portland, Oregon, USA will host FOSS4G’s tenth year.

=== Important Conference Dates ===

See the [ full calendar] for more details.
* Sep 8th-9th: Workshops
* Sep 10th-12th: Main Conference
* Sep 13th: Code Sprint

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