pgRouting version 3.1.3 and version 3.0.5 release

The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of pgRouting version 3.1.3 and 3.0.5.

Hello pgRouting community,

The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of pgRouting version 3.1.3 and 3.0.5.

The latest release is available at [1]
The fixes were backported to version 3.0.5 [2]

Note to packagers

The license changed

From GPL-2.0 to GPL-2.0-or-later

The build changed

Cleaned the build

We made some changes to the CMakeLists to actually use cmake 3.2 and stop using the copies of some Find files we had stored

About Boost

Because of our main dependency Boost
The minimum version of Boost published on the README is: 1.53 but it was not honored, We are honoring it now with a few caveats

Compiling with 1.53 will not have a usable pgr_alphaShape but it will have it
See #1850 [3] for details.

In order to have a working pgr_alphaShape, at least Boost version 1.54 is needed with a work around where we have copied the least amount of boost files needed to make it work.

In the future, starting from the 3.2.0 release of pgRouting (not scheduled yet) the minimum boost version will be 1.56 which removes the workaround, We remove the boost files

Also the boost geometry requires a minimal standard of c++14 starting from Boost version 1.75
We prefer to compile our code with C++11, but the minimal requirement from boost is c++03

if the boost version >= “1.75.0”
Use c++14 standard
Set to use c++11 if the compiler supports it
else Set to use c++0x if the compiler supports it
else Use the compiler as is. For example on MSVC

pgRouting’s code will be using c++0x standard which is the minimum standard for Boost <= 1.74

Issues fixes

#1825: Boost versions are not honored
#1849: Boost 1.75.0 geometry “point_xy.hpp” build error on macOS environment
#1861: vrp functions crash server

To update your database:

Download the packaged version from your operating system, and use this command in the database:
ALTER EXTENSION pgrouting UPDATE TO “3.1.3”;


pgRouting Team.

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