My Mission

I love cartography with a background in art history and a curiosity for economics in the Open Source world.


Em works at North Road situated in the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of Brisbane in Queensland. She gained her Geospatial skills in the Australian Army which she had joined (more for humanitarian roles then warfare) – a change from her previous work in sports management in Rugby and the Olympics. After the military she worked in various consultancies working on major projects. She has university degree qualifications in Art History, the Classics, Archaeology and, for her love of rugby, Sports Management. She has also gained qualifications in Arabic and, more recently, Product Management.

Em’s role at North Road as a Product Manager and Senior GIS Analyst also includes building community in the QGIS Au group and working on events such as GeoRabble and FOSS4G Conferences.

Personally, she loves cartography, and along with music, is fascinated with non-western cultural concepts in the visual and rhythm space. Em is curious about the circular economy and has interests in empowering communities via mapping and trying to keep our Earth naturally balanced. Her wish is work in the areas of: ecosystem restoration, regenerative farming, adapting mapping using non-western linguistics and culture, and community empowerment.

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