Adam Steer


I’m a freelance geospatial consultant based somewhere in Australia. I’m trained as a cat herder, field innovator and scientist - with logistics and collaborative operational experience from multiple Antarctic research voyages. My main thing is making sense of massive point clouds. In the process, engaging with cataloguing, QA, and analysis of disorganised sets of points in space. This came from a PhD project on sea ice thickness estimation from LIDAR and photogrammetric modelling, followed by experience in Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure, tackling the problem of delivering web-based on demand products from massive LiDAR surveys. I’m passionate about open solutions to multiple problems, and unpacking that space where we tend to see engineering solutions to societal problems. I’m also passionate about environment, ethics and social equity. I'm a member of the Earth Observation Australia Steering Committee, and help to organise the 2018 FOSS4G-SotM Oceania conference.

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